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The Sondheim Hangout

There are worse things that staring at the water on a Sunday.

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hi! this is a community for anything and everything to do with the amazing Stephen Sondheim. My former co-mod and I noticed he didn't have his own community, and realized that something had to be done.
So! things you can post in here:
-news about Sondheim or the shows
-questions about the shows
-any interesting tidbits you know about the shows that others might not
-graphics/icons with Sondheim shows or lyrics
-claims. this is a claim community, too. members may have three claims. if you post a link to this community on your userinfo, you receive an additional two claims. Five claims total, if you add correctly. (claim number idea stolen from lotr_claims, thanks a lot.) Just post an entry saying what you'd like to claim, and we'll be more than happy to update the Claims List.
-anything else you can think of, as long as it relates to Sondheim.

We don't allow:
-off-topic posts. we won't kill you if it's a little off, just please try to be smart about what you post where.
-anything homophobic, racist, pornographic, etc. just use good taste.

I would recommend this site for any lyric questions you have.

Any questions, feel free to contact the mods:
Elana: laughingdryad, laughingdryad on AIM

Claims List
-the originial balladeer from Assassins, Patrick Cassidy - wingedanchovies and laughingdryad
-bernadette peters - laughingdryad and wingedanchovies
-"Giants in the Sky" from Into the Woods - wingedanchovies
-The Frogs - laughingdryad
-the harmony at the beginning of "Putting it Together" from Sunday in the Park with George - madamevoilanska
-Donna Murphy - playmypiano
-Fosca from Passion - playmypiano
-"The Ballad of Sweeney Todd" from Sweeney Todd - redphenomenon
-the lyrics of "Move On" from Sunday in the Park with George - redphenomenon
-Gavin Creel in Bounce - jmsturn
-"Not A Day Goes By" from Merrily We Roll Along - m00ndawg129
-"A Little Priest" from Sweeney Todd - m00ndawg129
-Louis's Waffle Stove from Sunday in the Park with George - drtchocky
-"Finishing the Hat" from Sunday in the Park with George - drtchocky
-Mandy Patinkin as Geroge Seurat in Sunday in the Park with George - drtchocky
-"Chrysanthemum Tea" from Pacific Overtures - questingbeast49
-"The Glamorous Life" from A Little Night Music - questingbeast49
-Victor Garber as Frederik Egerman from A Little Night Music - questingbeast49
-Sondheim's lyrics in West Side Story - _actualreality
-Company - violettree
-Kendra Kassebaum in Assassins - violettree
-Mary Catherine Garrison in Assassins - violettree
-Bernadette Peter's rendition of "You Could Drive a Person Crazy" - tresky
-the DVD of the original Broadway cast recording of COmpany - tresky
-Lee Remick and Stephen Sondheim's illegitimate child - tresky
-Jack's Mother in Into the Woods - littlemissalien
-Natalie Wood - littlemissalien
-the lyrics for "I Never Do Anything Twice"> from The Seven-Per-Cent Solution - littlemissalien