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Hey all,

I'm rejoining lj after a couple of years hiatus, and looking for old friends has led me back to old communities. Anyway, I just got back yesterday from seeing the London transfer of Sunday this weekend in NYC, and I have to tell all of you that it is wonderful.

I never saw the original live (unfortunately), but I honestly have to say that seeing that production was a religious experience (apropos, as we all know that Sondheim is, indeed, god). I went into it a little skeptical. How could anything top Mandy and Bernadette? Was I going to be so disappointed that my all-time fave show will be tainted? But, in the first 5 seconds, the director, Sam Buntrock, had me gasping at the ingenuity of the design. Also, Jenna Russel and Daniel Evans bring great new energy to the roles that I know so well from watching the original DVD recording so often.

The production values and character interpretations were so refreshing, I could gush on and on about it. But I won't. I will, however, urge anyone who has the capacity to see this show before it's limited run ends in the middle of May to DO IT (!). You will NOT be disappointed.

Has anyone else seen it? Care to chat about it? leave me a message on my most recent post. (*insert innocent plug for new friends here*)

<3's Erin
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